Let’s Dance!

© 1983 Stevie Ray Vaughan & David Bowie

Philip Emerson loved doing nothing more than sitting in the tub, by candlelight, blowing farts and hysterically laughing whilst David Bowie records played on his stereo. Philip was a dancer before I had been and was the first person I met when arriving in Manhattan.  At the time, he was living in a marvellous apartment in Williamsburg as he transitioned from dance into what would become a life in design.

Philip had the best damn feet on any male dancer I had ever seen. He had the most glorious free laugh of anyone and how he loved laughing at fools – as well he damn well ought to have.  Philip died of AIDS two days before his 38th birthday in March 1993 – he was a cool drink of blonde über-poilu Scandanavian wholesomeness, by way of Minnesota, and he was an extra thick package of libidinal wantonness not soon forgotten… Wherever you are, dear Philip, laugh and dream more lucidly than before… this dream of David Bowie and Iman that follows is a nod to your undiminished memory… I love you more!


© 2013-2017 Arvin da Braga.  All Rights Reserved.


About Arvin da Brgha

Lucid dreamer. Dream adept. Dream Author.
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