Moose Spirit

Oil on Canvas

© 1997 Yannick Germain

Sweet dreams as ever… don’t forget to push off and start flying.

Arvin – the wonderful magical dreammeister lambpuss!

© 2013-2019 Arvin da Brgha.  All Rights Reserved.


About Arvin da Brgha

Lucid dreamer. Dream adept. Dream Author.
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14 Responses to Kernunos.

  1. andy1076 says:

    This one is awesome! word majestic comes to mind 🙂

  2. babylonmagus says:

    Cheers David thanks again for having liked the exquisite art..

    Sweet dreams

  3. babylonmagus says:

    Cheers Adeena, glad you liked the art… the best to you and sweet dreams…

  4. babylonmagus says:

    Cher Renard,

    So good of you to continue supporting my blog… the best to you and your lovely blog….


  5. babylonmagus says:


    Thanks again for liking this blog of mine… the best to you and I do hope that you will keep on exploring and be inspired…


  6. babylonmagus says:

    Cheers Tyler,

    Thanks for your continued support and the very best to you, Sir!


  7. babylonmagus says:


    Merci et bisou bisou!

  8. babylonmagus says:


    Cheers Raluca… thanks so much for your support!


  9. babylonmagus says:


    I knew you’d like this beauty… soulfully sublime that’s for sure… be well, as ever!


  10. babylonmagus says:


    Cheers M8, again, thanks for your support!


  11. babylonmagus says:


    Thanks again so much for your continued support!

    Sweet dreams!


  12. Brilliant, absolutely stunning work.

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