Official movie poster.

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Today, Tuesday June 3, 2014, I went off to the cinemas in Dundas Square and saw this movie. Wasn’t expecting much but the few people who know me, and know how integral dreams are to my every incarnate moment, thought it incumbent on themselves to implore me to go see this film.

Well… I shamelessly cried in several places. This is what flying-without-moving whilst awake is about. This was the most devilishly indulgent cinematic experience I have had in long ages. This is what imagination when cinematically realised is all about.

Every moment of the sage soul actor, Angelina Jolie, in flight made me quiver throughout. This film, for all us lucid dreamers, will ever remain a classic. Marvellous visionary director, Robert Stromberg has created a masterful work of cinematic art.



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