War of the Roses: Deuxième Partie.

Margaret Beaufort Portrait

After having been the most influential woman during the War of the Roses, trust you me, Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex is no pushover. So there was DailyMale – that coven of vile, racist, castrati media whores – gleefully celebrating the fact that Catherine, HRH Duchess of Cambridge had not invited her otiose sister-in-law, HRH Duchess of Sussex in January to her birthday party.


TRH Duke & Duchess of Cambridge at the EE BAFTA 2019, Royal Albert Hall.

Naturally, this gorgeous Gucci dress worn by HRH Duchess of Cambridge mirrored the black Givenchy that HRH Duchess of Sussex wore to the 2018 British Fashion Awards, also at Royal Albert Hall.

Image result for duchess of sussex british fashion awards

HRH Duchess of Sussex 2018 British Fashion Awards, Royal Albert Hall.

At the time, the blatantly racially predatory perception of HRH Duchess of Sussex was that it was an inappropriate gown for a royal to have worn. Of course, after HRH Duchess of Sussex’s commanding performance at the BFA 2018, there was a flurry of appearances by HRH Duchess of Cambridge which were all about keeping up and staying au courrant. Regardless the DailyMale‘s make-over of the DoC – there are no longer any photos of the DoC where she is not pulling her death-mask grin – some truths remain unchallenged.

Missoni in Ireland ahead of blood royal

TRHs Duke & Duchess of Cambridge in Ireland.

Whilst recently touring in Ireland, Catherine HRH Duchess of Cambridge did something, which made me adore her even more. As they are keenly aware of how Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex is vilified and hunted like the most reviled runaway slave, especially in the DailyMale, Catherine as though to eclipse the criticism of the DoS (Duchess of Sussex), walked ahead of her blood royal spouse, HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and shook the hand of the attendant dignitary first rather than, as she has customarily done, after her husband. So there goes that criticism of Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex not abiding by rules and traditions and deliberately breaking royal protocol by walking ahead of her admirable husband, HRH Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex. I do like the DoC’s elegant Missoni outfit.


After having spent the past half decade being demure wallflower, all of a sudden, Catherine, HRH Duchess of Cambridge is being jousted to get out there and compete, perform and not be outshone by Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex.

hissy puss6

To be sure, Catherine, HRH Duchess of Cambridge is simply radiant in that Gucci dress but there is no denying fact: public speaking is not her forte and she is looking increasingly stressed and impatient as she is suddenly being hustled to get out there and perform/compete with Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex.


Let’s face facts: for Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex a mic is a tool; it is a benign tool. However, a mic is a means for her to project her formidable eloquence, intellect and emotional intelligence.

For Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex, mightier than any sword, the mic is the most sophisticated of weapons in this media-concocted War of the Roses 2.0. Conversely, as is plainly obvious each time she delivers a speech, and as per the two video clips cited above, for Catherine, HRH Duchess of Cambridge a mic is but Kryptonite.

Meghan DoS3

Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex @ Mark Hotel, New York City

Not invited to the DoC’s birthday gathering, faster than a Serena Williams ace, the DoS (Duchess of Sussex) decamped to Manhattan and throws a baby shower. Naturally, the excuse for staging it in New York City is that it is not an English tradition; more importantly, as males are not invited, Catherine, HRH Duchess of Catherine would not be expected to travel sans her spouse and especially since she has a less than one-year-old infant. Nicely served.


Abigail Spencer

Jessica Mulroney & Abigail Spencer at the DoS’s Baby Shower in Manhattan.

Abigail Spencer is the quintessential artisan soul. Interestingly enough, she is born the same day, same year as Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex; they are likely cadre, possibly even entity or cadence mates. Abigail’s eyes do, though, have the shape that is usually associated with priest souls rather than not but she does strike me as an artisan soul. Jessica, what’s not to love, she has the most deliciously vulgar laugh that is void bile or repression and has rather alluring eyes. The real intrigue for me is her daughter, Ivy Mulroney whose eyes look way too much like the actor, Annette Bening’s for them not to have a soul connection. Incidentally, Annette Bening is, like Meghan, HRH Duchess of Sussex mid-cycle mature-souled artisan; however she is on her second life whereas Meghan is on her third at said soul age. Annette is the fourth position of the fifth cadence and her husband, Warren Beatty is in the fifth position of the same fifth cadence. That would make both persons cadre mate of mine as they are in entity one to Merlin and I being in entity six of cadre one, greater cadre 7, pod 414.

jim henson

sir anthony van dyck

Jim Henson & Sir Anthony van Dyck – Entity 1, Cadre 1, Greater Cadre 7, Pod 414.

Also in entity one along with Warren and Annette are Jim Henson – with whom Merlin worked as director on Fraggle Rock and Sir Anthony van Dyke who is currently incarnate and my oldest friend and truly gifted lover as he is currently a fourth old soul artisan. By the way, Warren is a seventh level young-souled artisan.


The above is a link to the last blog post wherein there is a rather operatic dream which was shared as it was a celebration of Jessye Norman’s having recently been afforded the Glenn Gould Prize. The dream in question occurred after the first two with Jessye Norman and it involved, Shirley MacLaine, Madonna Ciccone, Warren Beatty and Annette Bening. That dream was triggered by my soul connection as cadre mate with both Ms. Bening and Mr. Beatty. I chose to focus as part of my spirituality in this lifetime on dreams, hence this is facilitated by my Venus/Uranus conjunction; incidentally, that aspect also leaves one with a very shrewd, vulgar and dismissive tongue when provoked – hey, fighting is foreplay.

Gayle King

NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 20: Gayle King arrives at Meghan Markle’s baby shower on February 20, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Adrian Edwards/GC Images)

Misha Nonoo

Gayle King & Misha Nonoo @ Meghan HRH DoS’s Baby Shower in Manhattan.

Amal Clooney

NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 20: Amal Clooney arrives at Meghan Markle’s baby shower on February 20, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Adrian Edwards/GC Images)


Amal Clooney & Serena Williams @ Meghan DoS’s Baby Shower in Manhattan.

Match point!

valentino in morocco

Dior in Morocco

Next up, the thoroughly modern jetsetting royal was off to Morocco to be hosted by the King Mohammed VI. I love that red Valentino which of course was snapped up after the House of Valentino went all out to woo the DoS with its bateau collar gowns, an ample staple of blacks walking the show and the inimitable Naomi Campbell closing the show. One of the best Valentino shows ever – SS Haute Couture 2019 Valentino with the deliciously eccentric reine de Charlemange, Céline Dion, weeping in the FROW.

Carolina Herrera in Morocco

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit Morocco

ASNI, MOROCCO – FEBRUARY 24: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex watch students play football during their visit to Lycée Qualifiant Grand Atlas, the local secondary school on February 24, 2019 in Asni, Morocco. (Photo by Facundo Arrizabalaga – Pool/Getty Images)

TRH Duke & Duchess of Sussex in Morocco.

So immensely happy for HRH Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex; after the way I cried watching him walk after his mother’s casket, so very good to see him grounded, happy and fulfilled. I for one certainly hope that the nation’s selfie queen took note of the fact that if a non-Commonwealth nation can host THR Duke & Duchess of Sussex, it certainly does behoove his arse to have invited them on tour here by now; god only knows that Canada holds a special place for them.

sporty kate

sporty kate4

“Why do I have to go out there and make all those bloody speeches. I hate it!”

sporty kate3

sporty kate2

“Okay fine! You can go out there and be Sporty Kate but just remember to keep grinning like a semi-rabid loon.”

hissy puss7

Alas, all is well in the universe.


Keep on shining groovy people… more than ever, push off and start flying as snow falls in Los Angeles and Vegas and two warring religions, nuclear-armed no less, have begun hissing at each other. As ever, I am grateful for your patronage; I do trust that you enjoy my dreams, wit and observations. I love you more!


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