Tabar-effing-nac de Christ!


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Non!  Arrête de parler!  Ha! Quelle eff-all surprise.  Guess who will not be going out on a limb to vote for this little, raving closet Pequiste son of a Nambla éminence grise.  

In 2015 after choosing to exclude anyone black from his cabinet, bathhouse Pierrette then had the temerity to smugly declare outside Rideau Hall, a cabinet that looks like Canada.  


2017, the 50th anniversary of the predominantly black West Indian community’s gift to his minor meat-loving father, little Tar Bébé himself refused to attend that year’s historic Caribana/Carnival.  


No Sir, he was too busy kayaking.  Meanwhile, chaque saison, there he is in his just-so tight pants, doing every gay pride parade from coast to coast to coast but too busy to be attending Carnival.  


Additionally, 1.25 years after the most glorious royal wedding of TRH Duke & Duchess of Sussex, he still cannot bring himself to invite the lovely couple on a tour of one of HM The Queen’s favourite Commonwealth countries, Canada – this when HM The Queen appointed TRH Duke & Duchess of Sussex Commonwealth Youth Ambassadors.  


Well there you have it.  After having lived in Montréal for seven years, I happen to firmly be of the opinion that, though they are the most savvy voters in Canada and until you have lived in Québec, you truly do not understand Canada, some segments of Québecois society remain the most hellishly xenophobic culture on the continent.  So glad that that dumb son of a damn lunatic bitch did not get an invitation to the royal wedding of TRH Duke & Duchess of Sussex; though, in the eleventh hour, there was he at Buckingham Palace aggressively hounding HRH Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex at the Commonwealth banquet, desperately trying to score an invite for he and his god-awful, fag-hag femme au foyer, who is ever desperately trying to be perceived as anything beyond triflingly third-tier.  


Nope, not getting my vote! 




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