E. V. Female Bust 2

Mark Newman - Tutt'Art@ - (14)

Sculptor’s note: This is yet another sculpture for the Ebony Visions line.
It’s 3/4 life size. Sculped in Chavant NSP oil base clay
with wooden and super sculpey beads. This will be cast in
either porcelain or resin.. not sure yet.. with a simple patina
and gold leafed jewelry.

© 2007-2015 Mark Newman


So very masterful; what’s not to love?


© 2013-2023 Arvin da Brgha.  All Rights Reserved.




30.5 x 30.5 inches

Edition: 99

© 2006 Todd Couper/Susan A. Point/Roi Toia

Provenance: 71/99 Art collection Arvin da Braga.


The count of my serigraph is not especially high but it is rather valuable to me as it was a gift from a friend.


© 2013-2023 Arvin da Brgha.  All Rights Reserved.

Owl’s Bouquet.

Stonecut, Stencil 24.5 x 30.25 Inches Edition of 50 © 2007 Kenojuak Ashevak Happy Birthday Canada! For me, it doesn’t get any more Canadian than Kenojuak. Her overleaves to follow: Ashevak, Kenojuak 3/10/27 + 8/1/13 Baffin Island This creative fragment is a fourth level old artisan. Kenojuak is in the perseverance mode with a goal […]