Merlin & Arvin 1987

Arvin:   Dream Adept.

Merlin:  Dream Mentor

Together we were engaged in a seven-year relationship which as he promised did indeed continue well after his passing through the dreamtime.   Death is not the end – we are but caterpillars without the faintest idea – all too often – that we are in any way connected to the beautiful butterflies drifting by on a breeze.  Dreams afford us – among other things – an opportunity to meet with the butterfly aspects of those whom we loved and ever will love, after they have transitioned beyond the veil of being focussed in the physical plane to being yet again astral plane habitués.

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These dreams though not exclusively about Merlin and me – though many are – serve to inspire you to be ever mindful that dreams are a way of becoming more awakened when alive, more attuned to the butterfly aspect of what we  have been – before returning to life – and what again we will be.

We are marvellous, magical beings and by being awakened in the dream realms we can remain actively attuned and focussed on our spiritual maturation.


Merlin I dreamt of 4 years prior to meeting; of course, at the time I had assumed that I had just had a really cool dream encounter with John Lennon!  

Fraggle Rock

Set design sketch for Fraggle Rock ©1983 Jim Henson Productions & CBC.

Merlin was a director Off-Broadway and directed two episodes of Jim Henson’s† Fraggle Rock in its inaugural season; he also worked in theatre and radio in Canada – in particular at the CBC Radio Drama and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.


9-year-old Michael J. Fox on set being directed by Merlin (wearing red bandanna) in CBC Vancouver studios.  

Merlin loved magic, cats, parrots, suspenders, bandannas, male R&B singers, the soundtrack to The Mission and at least thrice weekly he listened to Glenn Gould’s† interpretation of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Goldberg Variations.  


Merlin & I dinner party in Toronto, 1986.  

As for me, I studied classical dance and danced briefly in New York City then leapt into my magical relationship with Merlin who interrupted a dream to say so long as he died while I slept.  


(L to R) Arvin, actor Wayne Robson, Merlin’s younger brother, Merlin & his handsome pa in Cabbagetown, 1988.  

This page exists as a way of sharing my skills as a lucid dreamer to inspire you, dear dreamer.

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(Notice how the orbs harmoniously arrange themselves in pyramidal formations next to the pyramid in the indigo room….  marvellous conductor/facilitator.)

Sweet dreams and, as we are ever transitioning towards being butterflies, don’t forget to push off and start flying when lucidly awakened in the dreamtime!

Dreams are the poetry of the soul!

arvindabrghainc @ gmail dot com



© 2013-2020 Arvin da Braga.  All Rights Reserved.

61 thoughts on “About

  1. RH! Dear kindred spirit of bardly ways – is that even a word. Thanks for having liked my little cul de sac of the way too claustrophobic internet… Sweet dreams as ever!

  2. Really glad to have found your blog, I’m very touched reading about your relationship, a love bridged by dreams and transcending realities. I’ll be sure to take some time out to read your posts. Thanks for finding me 🙂

  3. I loved this! I too believe that we are souls on a journey. I’m gonna definitely stay tuned to your blog!!

    • SJLB!

      Good to meet you again, now that we are returned to the world… Thanks for your patronage and tell everyone about my marvellous bedtime stories… that’s what these dreams are… you should check out new age madonna and the cicada principle… I love you more… ❤

  4. Thanks so much for your kind words; I can think of no better way to repay your kindness than to invite you to push off and start flying through the garden of my visionary dreams… they will inordinately inspire you… sweet dreams traveller…


  5. Hello and nice to meet you. Thank you for following .Interesting writings you have. and I do remember Michael and his Thriller when it first came out .The one called Scream is cool too. I believe that is his sister Janet not Toya right ? anyways Have a nice day..

  6. Hi! Just letting you know my site that you follow, fionakernaghan.com, will be closing and moving to a new server. To continue following me try twitter – and/or join the “VIP List” on my new site opening in a few days. You’ll get free songs and good stuff that way, too! Thanks!

  7. Cant believe I haven’t seen your blog before Arvin! Fascinating dream work and fantastic information especially for other students of the Michael teachings like myself. I’ll add a link (+ positive words) on my website, Personality & Spirituality, which is very much based on the teachings.

    • Barry!

      So very good to have been found and meet you anew… again… I uncharacteristically awoke from sleep because I have been thinking of posting a blog stating my intentions to stop posting to this blog. I have been increasingly so of late displeased with the lack of acknowledged support as per ‘likes’ to this blog. It’s been especially so because way back when, I had a couple of MySpace blogs both were identical, save one was a celebration of Merlin’s life. Naturally, all the dreams posted there were lauded and no one every said anything about the same dreams on my site because, well, human beings are like that…

      So, after having fed my cat which is affectionately referred to as that furred tapeworm by my cohabiting transgendered roommate (FTM) – 1st life at 7th level mature – warrior and a cynic, i noticed a wordpress comment on my Samsung S4.

      So thanks Barry for your intervention!

      I have also been especially bewildered by the lack of Michael ‘people’ out there and one would think that if such persons did exist why they never acknowledged themselves in these parts is a true mystery. Alas, like the Phoenix that I am, you’ve given new reason to say fuck it to the lack of likes and I shall forge ahead because expecting persons’ response to transcend the times in which they live is unrealistic at best and this any true sceptic would accept and not be dumbfounded by as though a flaming idealist.

      Speaking of famous past lives, in the Michael Overleaves Appendix – I have done over 200 Overleaves mine and Merlin’s by Sarah J. Chambers and a few others with others by her apprentice whom she had recommended prior to her passing – whom incidentally you’ve featured on your blog, Victoria Marina-Tompkins.

      Gosh, I am so immensely happy to have found you. Of course, I am rather partial to Scholars. More than all that, I would be immensely flattered to have you link this site to yours. Great it would be to get actual feedback from fellow Michael Students. There are many past life dreams on this blog; please, just go through the applicable tabs and also, those of Merlin and me after his passing are quite stunning and go a long way towards validating both our Overleaves and our being task companions. I first read the Messages from Michael in summer 1988 when Merlin was then incarnate and full-blown with AIDS – shared with me by my mature-souled scholar brother – my mother was also a mature scholar – Finally, after many of the dreams with Merlin I would in Fall 1996 meet/correspond with Sarah J. Chambers and had her channel both mine and Merlin’s Overleaves.

      By the way, speaking of Bramwell his then-sister, Charlotte, recently was a close friend of Merlin’s; a writer currently but since there was a spectacular falling out and betrayal with regards Merlin and their professional relations, I haven’t a clue of this person’s life. This was/is, however, one of the most beautiful high-feminine-energied, most elegantly spoken souls encountered in this lifetime – former Charlotte Bronte that is. That aside, in betraying my lover/my task companion there was hell to pay – for the being on a third life when sixth-positioned in a third cadence of a third greater cadence in a sixth entity of a first cadre can make for a formidable foe when one chooses to be. That aside, here are two dreams to savour of which former Charlotte now Oleg and whose Overleaves appear in the Michael Overleaves Appendix is the subject: “A Lover Like No Other *Adult Content” and “Older Souls Commune.” In the latter, what Merlin and I got up to at the end of the dream was truly sublime and another validation of our being task companions a dream dreamt long before having had the Overleaves channelled and validation.

      Alas, before this turns into another opus, I must hurry along to one of three jobs through the streets of a very god-forboding grey and cool Toronto Sunday; however, thanks to your intervention Barry, I will be vocalesing at the top of lungs all the way there.

      Sweet dreams and as in past lives I have, I love even more!

      Arvin da Braga

  8. OK Arvin … this little Scholar just got very excited!!
    So great to find you — I just did a search for the overleaves of Kirk Douglas (can’t even remember why now … must have been guided or something!) and your website occupied the top 3 google results.
    So, now I’m going to absorb everything I can here, probably ask you a load of boring scholarly questions via email, and then my next blog post will be a proper big plug for you, your dreamwork, etc etc.
    PS My current unique visitor rate is about 15,000 per week 🙂

    • Grazie mille Carl… they are my lucid dreams which were audio-cassette recorded… hope they richly inspire you… I can’t wait to read what you’ve written of Mrs. Kennedy-Onassis; I find her just as visionary as that truly great America leader, President Jefferson… without her allure, intellect and power, the Kennedy administration would have been similarly Clintonesque…

  9. In the beginning I was skeptical that I could go through a post as long. The way you write definitely attracted my attention. It was another great article. Great Article Neil. This article is great. Even though I only read it a few times in the past and I did not make an opinion. But, I felt this article merited being mentioned.

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