The Sacred Lake Fish.


Acrylic on Kraft paper

23.5 x 36.0 inches

© 1973 Norval Morrisseau

Provenance:  The Pollock Gallery, Toronto.

In preparation of this year’s retrospective at the Kinsman-Robinson Gallery, I share one of my favourite Norval Morrisseau paintings.



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Raven’s Song.

Serigraph 30 x 30 Inches Edition: 15 © 2008 Susan A. Point Provenance: 13/15 Art collection Arvin da Braga One of my favourite living artists… sublime. This baby was so tough to come by but, you know, I would be rapaciously indefatigable until it was mine! __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ © 2013-2020 Arvin da Brgha. […]

The World Is As Sharp As The Edge Of A Knife.

Serigraph 29 x 41 Inches Edition: 50 © 1993 Robert Davidson. Provenance: 3/50 Art Collection Arvin da Braga ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ © 2013-2020 Arvin da Brgha.  All Rights Reserved.