Mood Indigo.

Duke Ellington and Orchestra.

Nothing like some Ellington after a truly sublime dream.  These are our high-priests.  Happy Black History Month!


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Maple Leaf Rag.

1899 Maple Leaf Rag, Scott Joplin

Piano: Scott Joplin.

This is such a favourite of mine.  I include here as it is not traditional Jazz; however, as Scott Joplin would be reincarnated and be even more famous, I have chosen to include him here.  That, of course, is because the reincarnated Scott Joplin is the performer, Prince with whom Merlin was completely and utterly besotted and obsessed – the only performer about whom he felt this way.  


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© 1963 Impressions, John Coltrane Quartet, Impulse Records

Tenor Saxophone: John Coltrane

Piano: McCoy Tyner

Bass: Jimmy Garrison

Drums: Elvin Jones

Feature Portrait: David Lloyd Glover

Nothing beats ‘Trane’s focus!


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I Put A Spell On You.

© 1965 Nina Simone, I Put A Spell On You.  Philips Records.

© 1956 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Vocals & Piano: Nina Simone

Lyrics: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Tickles the very soul every time!

Music is the release; it is the place we go to, to find and ground ourselves in our escape from the ugliness that is the racial predator and his big fat lies.  Sorry, can’t take away the music.  Not having it!


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Remember The Time.

Remember The Time © 1992 Michael Jackson © MJJ Productions Inc. Premiered during Black History Month. Here’s the most marvellously inspiring creative genius of a generation. I love you more, Michael. Dream encounters with this rare soul were magically uplifting. _________________________________________________________________________ © 2013-2023 Arvin da Brgha.  All Rights Reserved.