Fast Bird.

Serigraph 30 x 40 Inches Edition: 73 © 2007 Robert Davidson Provenance: 9/73 Art collection Arvin da Braga. That, indeed, is the count of my serigraph of this marvellous gem. I am also beginning to favour his son, Ben Davidson – another fine Haida artist. __________________________________________________________________________ © 2013-2023 Arvin da Brgha.  All Rights Reserved.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

One of the most beautifully phrased duets in the Jazz, if not any, idiom.  Simply exquisite.   Ray Charles & Betty Carter set the standard for the Jazz duet.   _________________________________________ Ray Charlie and Betty Carter © Recorded 1961, Frank Loesser lyricist. Because it really is damn cold out there!   _____________________________________________________________________________ © 2013-2023 Arvin da Brgha.  All […]

Nelson Mandela.

You are the most beauteous lotus who sprung from the swamp that is the racial predator. Sweet and blissful dreams are yours… I love you more. __________________________ Photo: © 1994 Nelson Mandela. ___________________________________________________________________ © 2013-2023 Arvin da Brgha.  All Rights Reserved.