Glamour Crew.

Oil on Canvas 153 x 239 Inches © 1993 Attila Richard Lukacs Provenance: Private Collection Attila Richard Lukacs. This is what genius is all about… on another note, add a bit of moss and a few Sitkas et voilà, you’ve got Stanley Park after dark. ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ © 2013-2020 Arvin da Brgha. […]

A Dreamer like no other.

Martin Luther King Jr. Oil and Acrylic on Board 12 x 16 Inches © 2013 Derek Russell Because you, a visionary, dared to dream, 45 years later across the reflecting pool, a dream was realised on a cool crisp January midday on the steps of the Capitol on January 20, 2009. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ © […]