Peter Paul Rubens (Self-Portrait).

Peter Paul Rubens Self-Portrait

Oil on canvas 1623

35.94 × 27.87 Inches

c. 1623 Sir Peter Paul Rubens.

Provenance: Collection National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

Sir Peter Paul was/is a cadre mate of mine and Merlin’s. He is in entity two to our being in entity six, cadre 1, greater cadre 7, pod 414.

Prior to his departure for Italy, in a past-life of mine, I was female and Peter and I were briefly lovers and, quelle surprise, I was a muse of his whom he privately painted after we had no doubt been libidinally consumed with each other – what one does for art indeed.

Incidentally, in his most recent incarnation, the soul which was then incarnate as, Sir Peter Paul Rubens, was renowned American photographer, Ansel Adams.


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