State of the Republican Union…

…How Donald Trump raised a ruckus whilst making America great again – warts and (crossing-burning) all…

Oh, what ever shall they do?

Go on Bubba, just burn the barn down Trumpty Dumpty!


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2 thoughts on “State of the Republican Union…

    • I would be ill-inclined to make that assumption; Davis died in October 1989 and Fanning was reincarnated – whomever she may have been – in February 1994. Even with an interrupted life, which Davis’ wasn’t, it is a bit soon to return. Perhaps they are task companions or essence twins but it is very improbable from a communiqué that Sarah J. Chambers had shared – if only I had not lost those emails.

      Then again, Dorothy Dandridge passed in 1965 and Halle Berry, who is said to be the same soul reincarnated, was born a year later in the same hospital as Dorothy Dandridge had. What’s more on winning her best actress Oscar, the first person that Halle mentioned was Dorothy Dandridge. Of course, in a truly non-racialised reality, Dorothy Dandridge would have won a best actress Oscar for her star turn in Carmen Jones. Alas, there you have it. Again, I am inclined to go with task companion – the tandem feel of Halle winning the Oscar where Dorothy hadn’t – rather than reincarnated Bette being Dakota, and Dorothy being Halle.

      Either way, if ever there was a case to be made for the veracity and validation of reincarnation and soul age, one need only look into Dakota’s soulful eyes.

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